Made for your blog

Created for WordPress, compatible with versions 4.X and 5.X

External Images / Slider

Supports image URLs from anywhere: Instagram, Google Drive, Flickr…

Ready to your shop

Compatible with WooCommerce plugin, including Image Gallery and Variations

External Videos

Supports video URLs from Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Imgur, 9GAG

Thought to automate

Compatible with WP All Import, WP REST API, WooCommerce REST API

Shortcode content

Supports any content provided by a shortcode: texts, musics, iframes…

Premium Version

Premium Version

How to get it?

Donate US$ 50,00 US$ 39,90  or more, please (this promotional price is valid for July 2019)

And receive the plugin and your license key by email within 12 hours

You don’t need to inform your email or transaction ID. PayPal automatically does that for you

You also will have lifetime updates and free support

Money (PayPal)

How to get support?

You can inform any problem related to plugin by email (

Any bug found will be solved as soon as possible and without any cost

On how many sites can I install it?

Only 1. Or sometimes 2, since one of them is a stage site. This restriction is necessary to keep the support quality

Both should be available on the Internet to receive automatic updates

Which plugins are compatible with it?


WP All Import


Frontend Publishing

And others. If you intend to use the Premium version with a specific plugin, try to test with the free version first. Or you can ask me if they are compatible as well

Are there any known incompatibility issues?

Some WooCommerce themes aren’t flexible enough to work with Videos and Sliders. To know if your theme is compatible with those features, please install the free version and take a look on “Checking compatibility” area, in FIFU settings.

Can I get my money back later?

With the exception of rare situations, no. But don’t worry about that. You will still have the best support and if, after your complete cooperation, I’m not able to solve your issue, I may refund you

I have a question…

Please leave your comment below or contact me by support email

207 Replies to “Premium Version”

    1. Hi, hihi!

      It was done a little integration with that:
      1) you should enable FIFU settings > Admin Area > Media Library;
      2) then in EPO, you should choose Change product image > Use custom image;
      3) and finally, in Populate options > Images, you can choose one of your external images, that will be shown in the media library.

      You could test with the free version.

  1. Hi,
    your plugin is great, right now I am using the free version. I am thinking about buying the pro version to get multiple images for one post in a slider. But I have a question: I want to read out the image urls from the post because I need to put them into the open graph meta tags for facebook in the header, there I need multiple images for a slider. Do you have a documentation about this or could you send me a code snippet?
    I want to display it like this in the header meta:

    Thank you very much for your help in advance 😉

  2. How do you go about creating a featured image from a Vimeo video link? I thought I had enabled settings properly for this, but it does not seem to be working properly or at least the featured images are not displaying in the archive. This is for posts within a custom post type by the way, in case that is something you should know.

    1. Hi, Ryan!

      Please access FIFU settings > Help > Support > data button. Click on that and send the data to the support email.

    2. As we have talked, Ryan, the plugin wasn’t ready to show the Video Thumbnail (instead of the Video) on a search page. And it was solved in the last version, released today.

  3. Hi,

    I have premium version but it’s stopped working when Woocommerce updated to 3.6.3.
    To be clear images still work on category/product pages but don’t show in the cart.

    Please advise.

    1. Hi, Attique!

      I have tested and all is fine between WooCommerce 3.6.3 and the last FIFU version here. Please access the plugin settings > help and send more details to the support email. Thanks!

  4. Pode “doar” sem medo! Esse plugin é ótimo e o desenvolvedor é muito atencioso! Pretendo utilizar em todos os meus projetos.
    You “donate” without fear! This plugin is awesome and the dev are too attentive! I intend to use in all of my projects.

  5. Hi,
    I have a presale question.
    On our website, we use Astra+Elementor.
    We would like to use Elementor Posts module, to list posts, with featured videos, instead of featured images.
    Can your plugin work with this situation?

    Thank you very much,


    1. Hi, Erin!

      Please install the free version of FIFU and make some tests with images. If that works, it should work with videos too.

    1. Hi, Yzgluck!

      The integration with Vimeo, YouTube, Cloudinary and Tumblr was done because all of them provide thumbnails for the videos. Then a thumbnail is shown always the available area is too small to show a video.

      So unfortunately, your video URL won’t work.

  6. I have 2 questions. First I have several news sites, I use the free version already and love it, however it imports images of all sizes which leaves my homepage with alot of white space. Will this plug-in crop or resize all of the external images to a specific size without downloading the image to my server? Second 1 of my sites has subdirectories, and each of the subdirectories has its own wordpress installation, will I need to buy a liscense for each subdirectory install off the main website or will one liscense work for them.
    Thank you, love the plugin it saves me tons of server space.

    1. Hi, Charles!

      About the “white space”, it can be solved even on the free version. It normally happens when your theme has a featured image area larger than the real image size. If that’s your case, check if the “Original Size” toggle is disabled. And you could apply a CSS Style: “width:100%”, for example. And if it doesn’t solve your problem, please contact me by the support email.

      With the Premium version, you still can “crop” the images to the same size. It means that if you have horizontal and vertical images, the plugin could crop the top and bottom of the vertical images to show that with the same size of the horizontal images. That’s only a CSS style applied on the image. So it’s not a real crop because of the plugin stores only URLs, not images.

      About the license key, if you have a multisite installation, one license key is enough for all your sites. However, if you have many different WordPress installations, then the license key will only work in 1 site/domain. That’s totally necessary to keep the support quality. I couldn’t give support to N sites if you are paying for only 1 license, got it? That’s the point here.

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