Made for your blog

Created for WordPress, compatible with versions 4.X and 5.X

External Images / Slider

Supports image URLs from anywhere: Instagram, Google Drive, Flickr…

Ready to your shop

Compatible with WooCommerce plugin, including Image Gallery and Variations

External Videos

Supports video URLs from Vimeo, YouTube, Cloudinary, Tumblr

Thought to automate

Compatible with WP All Import, WP REST API, WooCommerce REST API

Shortcode content

Supports any content provided by a shortcode: texts, musics, iframes…

Premium Version

Premium Version

How to get it?

Donate US$ 39,90  or more, please (this promotional price is valid for May 2019)

And receive the plugin and your license key by email within 12 hours

You don’t need to inform your email or transaction ID. PayPal/BitPay automatically does that for you

You also will have lifetime updates and free support

Money (PayPal)

How to get support?

You can inform any problem related to plugin by email (

Any bug found will be solved as soon as possible and without any cost

Which plugins are compatible with it?


WP All Import


Frontend Publishing

And others. If you intend to use the Premium version with a specific plugin, try to test with the free version first. Or you can ask me if they are compatible as well

Are there any known incompatibility issues?

Some WooCommerce themes aren’t flexible enough to work with Videos and Sliders. To know if your theme is compatible with those features, please install the free version and take a look on “Checking compatibility” area, in FIFU settings.

Can I get my money back later?

With the exception of rare situations, no. But don’t worry about that. You will still have the best support and if, after your complete cooperation, I’m not able to solve your issue, I may refund you

I have a question…

Please leave your comment below or contact me by support email

196 Replies to “Premium Version”

  1. How can i get this slider effect – by default, the slider does not rotate, and when mouse hover, the slider start to rotate, and when mouse move out, the slider is back to default stage? Thanks

  2. Hi Marcel
    Me again , I am Sam. haha
    I have completed the donation.
    Please email to this address: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    Thank you.

    1. Hi I got the file.
      But after I activated the premium version and tried to click the button on the main menu it showed 500 error. (But it worked in the free version.)
      Can you help me to fix it?
      The following is the environment of the website.
      WordPress 4.9.1
      PHP 5.4.32

  3. Hi Marcel
    I am Sam Zhou .
    I just donated USD50 by paypal, but I found that the email I filled is wrong.
    Can you help me to cancel this bill and I will use the correct account to donate again?
    Thank you very much.

  4. Hi, I have Basel theme, any issues with that?
    Also, is this compatible with the “Import” function from Woocommerce? I imported some products with external URL but it uploaded them to wp-content
    Also, if I upload via API, will this work too?

    1. Hi, Santiago.
      In the plugin settings (free version) there is more information about Wp All Import and Wp REST API. Those features work very fine. I have no open issues about that. And the plugin doesn’t perform any download. You just need to configure Wp All Import correctly.
      What’s WooCommerce import? You can get my email above if you want to send me more details or send me your theme for tests once I don’t know that.

    1. Hi, keshav.
      If you have the free version installed, please take a look at External Thumbnails feature, in the plugin settings. If you have your images hosted on Flickr, it will make your site faster. The other performance features are the same for free and premium version.

        1. Hi, keshav.
          The Flickr feature is for Premium version only. Do you know if S3 creates many copies of the same image in different sizes? Flickr does that.

    1. Hi, mayorlim.
      The free/premium version don’t work with Arqspin because it doesn’t host images, but iframes.
      But I will let you know if it changes.

  5. If I get the premium version can you add a feature that will also include the title=”” tag as well. On admin page a box will be available for both the alt tag and title tag?

    1. Hi, J S.
      For now the plugin doesn’t have many users interested on Variable Products. So that’s not being developed yet.

    1. Hi, Chris.
      You’ll receive upgrades during 1 year and, if you have a multisite installation, you can use the plugin with up to 5 sites.

  6. Pre-donation question: If there is no feature image is it possible to have the plugin default to an image either in the media library or an external link?

    1. Hi, José!
      If the plugin has changelog, documentation or a roadmap? No exactly. Please let me understand why you need that.

  7. Hi, I very love your plugin. I sent you paypal. Please help me check it and check my email sent to:
    My confirmation number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    My Confirmation number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (I don’t know why they diffirent @@)
    Transaction ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Thank you!

    1. Hi, Anh!
      Thanks for your donation.
      I have to say that’s not my email. Anyway, PayPal sent me your data and I already sent you the plugin.

  8. I’m using Flatsome theme, is there any conflict between your plugin with Flatsome? It seems that I need to use both. 🙂 Thanks for your great plugin. Using free now but working for more money on Paypal for premium version

    1. Hi, John!
      Yeah, there is a conflict with Flatsome: “this theme apply your own style on the product gallery, overwriting the WooCommerce code. Then it’s not able to handle external images there”
      So please don’t get the Premium version if you intend to use that with Flatsome.

      1. Hi Marcel, I’m using flatsome 3 and maybe the conflict with this version doesn’t exists. Can it be possible?
        I tested the free version of your plugin and it works properly. The thing is that I need to get the entire product gallery from external url, no just the featured one, but I can’t try that with free plugin.
        Please, before get Premium version, let me know if you know something about compatibility with that version of flatsome. Thank you!!

        1. Hi, Pablo.
          I already have a solution for Flatsome theme. I can customize the plugin for you in 2 or 3 days. So it will work fine with Flatsome.

          1. Hi Marcel! Wonderful news! We take the risk and already bought the premium plugin. I’m working with John from (you sent the plugin to him few hours ago). We would be very grateful if you could send us that customization. Please!

    1. Hi, Bart!
      No, for now the plugin supports only images, embed videos or even shortcodes (this last one is a beta feature). And your link actually is HTML + JS code.

  9. I bought premium version.
    paypal confirmation no is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    My email is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx , paypal mail is same.
    by the way ,Can I use external featured image in fusion slider?

    1. Hi, Sul!
      Thanks for that.
      PayPal send me notifications about the donations, including the email of the user. So I don’t need any of those details. Just check your email and the plugin will be there.

    1. Hi, Lars!
      It was fixed. Please check for the last FIFU version in your PayPal email.
      In the plugin settings you will find an email for support as well. It’s faster.

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