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03/2018, 2.1.1: improvement: using selectors, it’s possible to crop the images to the same size even if they aren’t on home or main shop page

03/2018, 2.1.0: bug fix: Validate Images

03/2018, 2.0.9: bug fix: Crop images to the same size

03/2018, 2.0.8: improvement: schedule an event to set all first images as featured images. So it can run hourly, daily etc

03/2018, 2.0.7: improvement: support to Cloudinary videos

03/2018, 2.0.6: bug fix: Hover Effects

03/2018, 2.0.5: bug fix: Auto Set Product Category Images

03/2018, 2.0.4: new feature: Auto Set Product Category Images. Set an external image to each product category. The image will be chosen among the external product images from that category

03/2018, 2.0.3: bug fix: empty() function removed to make the plugin compatible with PHP 5

03/2018, 2.0.2: new feature: Default External Featured Image. Allows to define a default external featured image to be shown when there is no featured image

03/2018, 2.0.1: improvement: theme compatibility. Now the most famous WooCommerce themes are able to use the external product image gallery

02/2018, 2.0.0: FIFU Premium 2 released

External Images

Supports image URLs from anywhere:
Instagram, Google Drive, Flickr…

External Videos

Supports video URLs from
Vimeo, YouTube

External Image Slider

Supports image URLs from anywhere:
Instagram, Google Drive, Flickr…